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Alkaline phosphatase and Bone Metabolism

Date:2021-07-26 Views:562

AKP / ALP is a zinc-containing glycoprotease that can hydrolyze various natural and synthetic phospholipid monoester compounds in an alkaline environment. AKP / ALP is widely distributed in various organs of the human body, mainly the liver.

An alkaline phosphatase level test (ALP test) measures the amount of alkaline phosphatase enzyme in your bloodstream. The test requires a simple blood draw and is often a routine part of other blood tests. An ALP test may be performed to determine how well your liver and gallbladder are functioning or to identify problems with your bones.

Smart nanoprobes in the detection of ALP

Figure 1: Smart nanoprobes in the detection of ALP(Picture Source: https://pubs.rsc.org )

Bone and liver alkaline phosphatases are the predominant alkaline phosphatase (ALP) isoenzymes in serum and are the product of a single gene. Methodologies including heat inactivation, chemical inhibition, wheat germ lectin precipitation, and electrophoresis developed over the past decades to quantitate bone ALP in serum are thought to exploit the carbohydrate differences between bone and liver ALP.

Through year of efforts, Abbkine research scientists have developed a series of assay kits for cell metabolism and that constitutes Abbkine CheKine™group. For detailed index, you are invited to view at https://www.abbkine.com/producttype/biochemical-assay-kit/. In which we can see the detection kits of NAD/NADH, NADP/NADPH, superoxide dismutases (SOD), peroxidase (HRP) and glucose, but today we are going to introduce CheKine™ Tissue and Blood Alkaline Phosphatase (AKP/ALP) Colorimetric Assay Kit(CAT#KTB1700) for you.

To more specific, the benefits of Abbkine ALP Colorimetric Assay Kit can be concluded as below:

  1. Various sample compatibility: Determination of alkaline phosphatase (AKP/ALP) activity in tissue lysates supernatants, plasma, serum, urine or purified enzyme samples. .
  2. Sample preparation, experimental steps and result calculation are more detailed and accurate.
  3. Long shelf life.

You can view the kit protocol at https://www.abbkine.com/file/booklet/KTB1700-B.pdf.


Abbkine is aimed at to provide high quality and cost effective reagents to global scientists, this  ALP Colorimetric Assay Kit has been optimized to use and can deduct your experiment cost. For detailed product information, you can refer in below sheet.

CAT# Product Name Size and Price
KTB1700 CheKine™ Tissue and Blood Alkaline Phosphatase (AKP/ALP) Colorimetric Assay Kit





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