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SuperLumia ECL Plus HRP Substrate Kit from Abbkine Scientific

Date:2018-05-04 Views:1902

Abbkine SuperLumia ECL HRP Substrate Kits are value-priced, classical peroxidase substrates for enhanced chemiluminescence (ECL) that directly replace costlier products without the need to re-optimize conditions.

The family of SuperLumia ECL substrates is a series of ready-to-use chemiluminescent reagents for the detection of HRP-based Westerns. SuperLumia ECL Plus HRP substrate reagent is specially optimized for femtogram amounts of antigen detection on immunoblots.

SuperLumia ECL substrates are deeply favored by researchers for exhibiting excellent performance with high sensitivity and low background.

The SuperLumia ECL Plus HRP Substrate Kit comprises of Reagents A and B, which are sized equally. The featured product has below benefits

  • The highest sensitive detection are at the femtogram level
  • Same quality and performance with affordable price
  • Extremely sensitive at femtogram level, requires much less sample and antibodies
  • Intense signal output and long duration
  • Pouring directly onto the blot membrane

Since Abbkine launches the ECL HRP Substrate Kit to the market, the product has been popular with ECL customers. We suggest ECL users to optimize all system components like sample amount, the membrane, antibody concentrations, and blocking reagents for the best results due to the high sensitivity of ECL. If you use the product, you will be impressed with your blots choice and imagination forever.

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