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Research Hotspots of Cell Apoptosis: Bcl-2 Monoclonal Antibody

Date:2019-09-10 Views:1521

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Bcl-2 gene (B-cell lymphoma-2) is a member of Bcl-2 family, which is the earliest discovered apoptosis protein. It is an anti-apoptosis protein containing multiple BH domains. It is highly expressed in some cancer cells and selectively plays an anti-tumor role. Bcl-2 family proteins play an important role in the regulation of apoptosis by forming dimers with Bax and dimerizing themselves. When Bcl-2 protein is inhibited, its dimer with Bax decreases, leading to cell apoptosis. When Bcl-2 protein is overexpressed, heterodimers formed by Bcl-2 protein and Bax increase and apoptosis is inhibited. The balance between Bcl-2 and Bax proteins at the cell death signal checkpoint determines the survival or apoptosis of cells.

Fig: Bcl-2 and Cell apoptosis

We recommend Abbkine selected Bcl-2 antibody for WB, IHC-P and IF experiments in human, rats, mice and chickens.

Product name Cat# Application MW
Bcl-2 Monoclonal Antibody ABM0010 WB(1:1000-2000),IF(1:50-200),IHC-P(1:200) 26KD

The result:

1) Hela cells; 2) MCF-7 cells; Using Abbkine Bcl-2 monoclonal antibody (ABM0010), WB 1:1000 dilution.
Human oviduct, Using Abbkine Bcl-2 monoclonal antibody (ABM0010) and IHC-P 1:100.
NIH/3T3 cells, Using Abbkine Bcl-2 monoclonal antibody (ABM0010), green, IF 1:100.