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Did you know? Cell metabolism can be tested this way!

Cellular metabolism is the general term for the ordered series of chemical reactions that occur within cells to maintain life. Its products are involved in apoptosis, signalling, immune response, metabolic regulation, gene expression, etc. It is very closely related to the ageing of the body, metabolic dysfunction, metabolic disorders and other pathologies. The Abbkine CheKine™ cellular metabolism product line includes a wide range of relevant metabolites, enzymes, nutrients and metabolite quantification kits, etc. The Abbkine CheKine™ cellular metabolism product line includes a wide range of relevant metabolites, enzymes, nutrients and metabolite quantification kits, etc. metabolite quantification kits and more. The kits can be divided into the following categories: oxidative stress series (oxidative and antioxidant series, glutathione series, antifreeze series), coenzyme…

2022-10-21 141 views

Universal toolkit for immunoprecipitation organizes IP/Co-IP experiments clearly

When we need to enrich proteins in small amounts and perform a single assay, IP experiments become the best choice for protein research partners. When we need to prove the interaction between proteins, Co-IP is almost a must-do project. Utilize cell lysate samples to demonstrate intracellular protein interactions and elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying the phenomenon. When we lack a set of handy tools for IP/Co-IP experiments to save more time for the experimental cycle, the Abbkine immunoprecipitation general tool will become a powerful tool for experiments, allowing us to master the (IP/Co-IP) experimental password, Gain the freedom to strategize! In short, the Co-IP experiment is a little game of love, in which the antibody captures the protein (antigen), and…

2022-10-08 145 views

IF Experiment Promotion, Buy One Get One Free (Gift)

In the last week, our IF application promotion is coming to an end. Buy useful immunofluorescence secondary antibodies, and there are gifts to add boost to your experimental process.   Promotion time: 2022/7/1-2022/9/30 Promotion products: Universal IF Toolkit/SuperKine™ Enhanced Antifade Mounting Medium/DyLight Secondary Antibodies/IFKine™ Secondary Antibodies   Promotional form: Single order catalogue price≥$70, you can get six free experimental foam flotation.   Single order catalogue price≥$170, you can get six free cell cryopreservation box.   Single order catalogue price≥$240, you can get one free 256GB USB stick. Universal IF Toolkit Features & Benefits: ①The operation is convenient, the components are complete, and it contains almost all the reagents required for IF experiments; ②Provide optimized Antibody Dilution Buffer and SuperKine™ Enhanced Antifade Mounting…

2022-09-23 184 views

The Album of Abbkine Flow Products

The flow product developed by Abbkine is a kind of welfare product for the vast scientific research market. The flow product can meet the most extensive needs of engaging in cell and protein research, not only in terms of performance, but also with top quality, and in terms of price, it can also break the price valley, generally speaking, the product is very cost-effective. So what traffic products are there? Let's take a look.   1.SuperKine™ ECL enhanced/hypersensitive ECL substrates(pg/fg) In the detection of pico and femto protein, it has extremely high sensitivity; the signal is strong and can last for more than 4 hours; Premixing the two reagents in equal volume, then adding to the blotting membrane for use;…

2022-09-08 199 views

Classification and function of mitochondrial respiratory chain complex

The respiratory chain is a continuous reaction system composed of a series of hydrogen donors and electron donors arranged in a certain order. It transfers the paired hydrogen atoms removed from metabolites to oxygen to produce water, and at the same time ATP is produced. In fact, the role of the respiratory chain represents the most basic function of mitochondria. The hydrogen and electron donors in the respiratory chain are carriers that can transmit hydrogen atoms or electrons. Since hydrogen atoms can be regarded as composed of H+ and e, Hydrogen donors are also electron donors. The essence of hydrogen donors and electron donors are enzymes, coenzymes, prosthetic groups or cofactors. All the prosthetic groups for electron transfer in the…

2022-09-02 223 views

Protein purification topic | protein purification tossed for half a month without results, watch the sharing?

At present, there are many purification methods for recombinant proteins produced by genetic engineering technology, which can be divided into precipitation technology, chromatography technology, double-liquid phase extraction technology, etc. No matter which method is used, the principle of separation and purification is to use the difference of its physical and chemical properties. Physical properties include molecular size, shape, solubility, and chemical properties include isoelectric point, hydrophobicity, and affinity with other molecules. nature, etc. The purification of protein is roughly divided into two stages: crude separation stage and fine purification. Crude separation mainly separates the target protein from other cellular components such as RNA, DNA, etc., such as ammonium sulfate precipitation. Fine purification is to distinguish the target protein from other…

2022-08-05 358 views

Redefining cell migration assays. The Abbkine Cell Migration Assay Kit is online!

If you are still using the cell scratch method for cell migration assays, you are out of date. Cell migration assay is a method to detect the ability of cell migration and repair, which is commonly used to evaluate wound healing, cell differentiation, embryonic development and tumor metastasis. Although the traditionally used cell scratch method to detect cell migration can be visually observed, it cannot quantify cell migration. Abbkine Cell Migration Assay Kit, from a new perspective, integrates the visualization and quantification of cell migration.   Principle of Abbkine Cell Migration Assay Kit Cell migration is the movement of cells after receiving a foreign signal or sensing a gradient of certain substances. It usually occurs in processes such as wound…

2022-08-05 247 views

The indicators you need, we have them all!

Biochemical kits are mainly developed using the principle of chemical reaction/enzymatic reaction or substance structure characteristics to determine substance content or enzymatic activity in a sample. The CheKine™ series of biochemical detection kits independently developed by Abbkine have a complete range of biochemical detection kits with a wide range of applications. The detection analytes include oxidation/antioxidation, glutathione, amino acid metabolism, glycolysis, fatty acid metabolism, oxidative phosphoric acid Chemical, coenzyme I/II, ATP and other series. The types of samples tested involve animal and plant tissues, serum, plasma, cells, bacteria, various body fluids, etc. The main detection instruments are microplate reader and spectrophotometer. Abbkine's CheKine™ series of biochemical detection kits use more efficient and innovative detection technology and optimized experimental protocols. The…

2022-07-28 261 views

Easy to deal with Immunoprecipitation, "IP new weapon" is coming

1.Background principle: Immunoprecipitation refers to a method of preliminarily separating the target protein by precipitating the antigen (usually the target protein) from the mixed system by using the characteristic that the antibody can specifically bind to the antigen. Immunoprecipitation is developed based on the traditional affinity purification method.   2.Questions: Although the principle is not difficult, the result is not easy. 1. How many researchers are struggling in the sea of searching for the target strips, 2. How many people are foolishly unable to distinguish the strips under the interference of light and heavy chains; 3. How many people are struggling "Lost yourself" in complex manipulation experiments. Solution: Abbkine has launched a series of IP toolboxes to directly address the…

2022-07-28 317 views

Encyclopedia of biochemical detection indicators

1、 Definition of biochemical detection Biochemical testing refers to the use of biological or chemical methods to test samples. The determination indexes are usually biochemical indexes such as enzymes, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and non-protein nitrogen, inorganic elements or body function indexes. In scientific research, biochemical detection provides various conveniences for material content determination, enzyme activity rapid detection and drug development. 2、 Classification of biochemical detection indexes a.Oxidation and Antioxidation Series Oxidation is a common chemical reaction in life, free radicals are produced in the process of oxidation, and antioxidation is a molecule that scavenges free radicals in the body. Enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants play a crucial role in protecting against peroxidative damage caused by exercise. Common oxidation and antioxidant series detection indicators mainly include…

2022-07-08 409 views