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Abbkine Scientific announces the new release of Normal Donkey Serum

Date:2018-02-26 Views:1755

Recently Abbkine Scientific is reform its current product range, apart from antibody, ELISA kits, biochemical tools and protein, we newly launch a new generation of blocking serum, which is a big step for Abbkine Scientific to develop more life science research tools.

Before the launch of this series of products, Abbkine Scientific makes abundant market research, so this product was manufactured at the customer need. Since we all know that blocking is a critical step in most immunoassays, like IHC, ELISA, Westerns, etc. Blocking fills-in the unoccupied spaces of the solid phase that are not occupied by immobilized proteins. Blocking prevents non-specific binding of the antibodies. When we make IHC experiment, we are bound to use the blocking serum. So the choice of serum will be relatively important. Abbkine Scientific all kinds of blocking serum at your choice.

Host in donkey and can be applied in BL, ELISA, ICC, IF, IHC experiment. Abbkine Normal Donkey Serum enjoys both high quality and competitive price. Best results are obtained with diluted normal serum from the same host as the labeled antibody, as a separate incubation step before addition of the primary antibody.

When you use this product, you should better pay attention to that the ideal starting dilutions will be IHC-p (1:10-20), IF/ICC (1:10-20) and ELISA (1:100). And also the normal serum diluted to 5%-20% (v/v) in PBS is suggested as a blocking reagent to reduce background from non-specific binding.

Hope Abbkine normal donkey serum blocking will be helpful to your experiment!

This is Abbkine's Normal Donkey Serum

Normal Donkey Serum from Abbkine Scientific

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