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EliKine™ ELISA kits – the new addition to Abbkine’s scientific research kit family

Date:2017-09-30 Views:3393

EliKine™ ELISA kits – the new addition to Abbkine’s scientific research kit familyEliKine™ series of ELISA kits are the latest scientific research products from Abbkine Scientific Co. Ltd. The company recently announced the launch of EliKine™ ELISA kits, designed to enhance scientific research processes. EliKine™ series of ELISA kits exert high sensibility and specificity, with a comprehensive selection of ELISA kits available for the quantification of cytokines, hormones and other proteins, to meet experiment demands. The kits use colorimetric method of detection, suitable for multiple samples types-Plasma, Serum, Cell culture supernatants and other biological fluids.

EliKine sandwich ELISA kits depend on paired capture and biotinylated detection antibodies, which are both specific to the antigen with different epitopes, while competitive ELISA kits employ the competitive inhibition enzyme immunoassay technique with featured and specific detection antibodies. Exclusive EliKine™ streptavidin-HRP conjugate, and HRP substrate with other optimal components make EliKine portfolio be one of the best and most economical choices for ELISA assay researchers. The complete, ready-to-use ELISA Kits reduce assay time and are available in either 1 or 10 pre-coated plate options.

EliKine™ ELISA kits have several features which are unique and distinguish from others. The features of EliKine™ ELISA kits are highlighted below:

  • High efficiency, sensibility and specificity
  • Optimized proposal for high repeatability, more stable
  • 8 test pre-coated package for easy entrance
  • Strip microplate format with greater flexibility
  • Suitable for multiple types of samples
  • Professional technical support and after-sales service

Components of EliKine™ Sandwich ELISA Kits include:

  • 96-well strip microplate pre-coated with capture antibody
  • Biotinylated detect antibody
  • Analyte standard
  • EliKine™ streptavidin-HRP conjugate
  • Standard diluent
  • Assay buffer
  • HRP substrate
  • Stop solution
  • Wash buffer
  • Plate cover

Other information about EliKine™ ELISA kits and other research products from Abbkine can be found on www.abbkine.com.

About Abbkine Scientific Co. Ltd

Abbkine Scientific Co. Ltd was founded in 2012 by a team of scientists and marketing experts in the life science field in California, USA. Headquartered in China, Abbkine has effectively combined cutting edge technology from United States with China's manufacturing engineering and cost advantages to provide innovative, high quality assay kits, recombinant proteins, antibodies and other research tools to accelerate life science fundamental research and drug discovery.