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Did you know? Cell metabolism can be tested this way!

Date:2022-10-21 Views:637

Cellular metabolism is the general term for the ordered series of chemical reactions that occur within cells to maintain life. Its products are involved in apoptosis, signalling, immune response, metabolic regulation, gene expression, etc. It is very closely related to the ageing of the body, metabolic dysfunction, metabolic disorders and other pathologies.

The Abbkine CheKine™ cellular metabolism product line includes a wide range of relevant metabolites, enzymes, nutrients and metabolite quantification kits, etc. The Abbkine CheKine™ cellular metabolism product line includes a wide range of relevant metabolites, enzymes, nutrients and metabolite quantification kits, etc. metabolite quantification kits and more.

The kits can be divided into the following categories: oxidative stress series (oxidative and antioxidant series, glutathione series, antifreeze series), coenzyme & cofactor series (coenzyme I series, coenzyme II series), energy metabolism (ATP series, mitochondrial respiratory chain series), carbohydrate metabolism (glycolysis series, tricarboxylic acid cycle series, gluconeogenesis series, starch series), lipid metabolism series (fatty acid metabolism series, esterase series), nitrogen metabolism series (amino acid series, nitrogen metabolism series), ion series, etc.

Abbkine's cellular metabolism kits provide a full range of reagents and standards for testing, along with detailed instructions to help you obtain accurate and reproducible results quickly and efficiently.


1、Abbkine Cell Metabolism Kit Assay Principle

Colorimetry is a common method used in biochemical assays to determine the content of a component to be measured by comparing or measuring the color depth of a colored substance solution based on the colour development reaction that produces the colored compound

The basic principle of the enzyme-labelled method is that an antigen or antibody is conjugated with an enzyme using a gelling agent to form an enzyme-labelled antigen or antibody which reacts specifically with the corresponding antigen or antibody on a solid phase carrier or in the tissue and binds firmly to form an immune complex which remains active. When the corresponding substrate is added, the substrate is catalyzed by the enzyme and takes on the corresponding reaction color. The color shade is proportional to the corresponding antigen or antibody content.

Spectrophotometry is the qualitative or quantitative analysis of a substance by the degree of absorption of light at a specific wavelength or in a certain wavelength range.


Fig1 Enzymatic Labels

Fig 2 Spectrophotometer

3、Product advantages

  • The principle is based on an optimized colorimetric method, which is more sensitive, non-radioactive, safe and stable
  • Complete set of reagents and standards for the assay
  • Simple/easy to use: 4 steps to complete the operation
  • Detailed sample preparation methods are provided (all sample preparation methods are validated and have an after-sales guarantee!)
  • Validated for a wide range of samples, with a commitment to enriching sample validation
  • Detailed and clear data analysis & result calculation methods, as well as reference standard curves
  • A wide range of samples, with literature in progress

4、Product recommendation

No. Name Specification(T) Price
KTB1040 CheKine™ Micro Catalase (CAT) Activity Assay Kit 96/480 79/229
KTB1640 CheKine™ Micro Glutathione Peroxidase (GSH-Px) Activity Assay Kit 48/96 119/159
KTB1030 CheKine™ Micro Superoxide Dismutases (SOD) Activity Assay Kit 48/96 69/119
KTB1800 CheKine™ Micro Na⁺/K⁺-ATPase Activity Assay Kit 48/96 39/59
KTB2200 CheKine™ Micro Triglyceride (TG) Assay Kit 48/96 79/119
KTB1110 CheKine™ Micro Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) Assay Kit 96/480 119/329
KTB1100 CheKine™ Micro Lactate Assay Kit 48/96/480 69/119/329


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