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CliniSciences’s First Visit to Abbkine!

Date:2018-04-12 Views:17259

On March 24, 2018, Wilfried Gay, sales manager of CliniSciences visited Abbkine to discuss future cooperation. Abbkine manager expressed a warm welcome to Wilfried and showed him around our company and customer service laboratory.

After that, Abbkine manager held a meeting to show more about our company through PPT, in which presents our development history, organizational structure and future direction, and also includes our new product release plan and marketing plan. During this, they had deep communications. Wilfried said: "it is a pleasure to work with us and hope we give more support about new products training." He also pointed out that their salesmen and customers prefer face-to-face discussion, which will deepen the promotion of brand effect. We will strengthen communications with CliniSciences to provide the necessary support timely.

We learned that Wilfried was the first time to China, and he was very impressed with Chinese cities. We invited him to have dinner for characteristic Chinese dishes. We talked about the traditional culture of China and France, having a pleasant time.

This visit further deepened Wilfried's understanding and trusting of our company. Both sides hope to establish a long-term and stable cooperation in the future!