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Abbkine Scientific introduces the new PurKine™ Antibody Purification Protein G Kit

Date:2017-05-30 Views:2035

PurKine™ Antibody Purification Protein G KitAbbkine Scientific has announced the launch of its new product, the PurKine™ Antibody Purification Protein G Kit, a new addition to its illustrious list of scientific tools and products. The product is also known as Protein G resin and is popular for being a part of an effective affinity purification system.

PurKine™ Protein G Purification system is great for affinity purification of IgG from serum and other fluids of many mammalian species. Protein G Antibody Purification is also attributed to being great for the purification of mammalian monoclonal and polyclonal IgGs.

Unlike Protein A, Protein G Agarose has a greater affinity for most mammalian IgGs, especially the human IgG3, mouse IgG1 and rat IgG2a subclasses. Also, Protein G does not bind to human IgM, IgD, and IgA, unlike Protein A.

The kit is available in different formats including bulk resin, spin columns and complete kits. Components of the kit includes

  • PurKine™ Protein G Packed Column
  • Binding/Wash Buffer (10X)
  • Elution buffer (10x)

The kit is easy to use with pre-formulated buffers available for kit formats, cost-effective with no decrease in performance even after five repeated uses, and high capacity with more than 30mg human lgG per mL of resin.

About Abbkine Scientific Co. Ltd.

Abbkine Scientific Co. Ltd is a scientific research institute headquartered in China. Founded by a team of scientists and marketing experts, the serves the field of sciences by perfectly combining cutting edge technology from the United States with China's manufacturing engineering and cost advantages, to provide state-of-the-art recombinant proteins, antibodies, and other scientific research tools.