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Abbkine Scientific announces the release of Protein Gel Flash Staining Kit

Date:2017-02-13 Views:2316

Renowned Chinese research organisation, Abbkine Scientific Co. Ltd, announces the release of new Protein Gel Flash Staining Kit for fast, sensitive, and safe staining solution for visualizing protein bands on polyacrylamide gels.

Wuhan, CHINA. 430074, 13th February 2017-The Protein Gel Flash Staining Kit is another product from Abbkine Scientific Company Limited and the kit is made to be a safe, fast and sensitive solution for visualizing protein bands on polyacrylamide gels. The kit, a one 5X stock staining reagent, is a protein staining kit made to deliver different ranges of 10ng to 5μg in less than an hour.K21010

The fast delivery of the gel staining kit is more than 5 times sensitive than the traditional Coomassie R-250 based dyes, reiterating the uniqueness of the product. The kit is perfect not only for native-PAGE gel, but also for SDS-PAGE gel staining, supplied as a 5X stock staining reagent.

The kit can be stored for one year at a stable temperature of between 4 and 8°C from the shipment date. The kit should be shipped in gel pack with blue ice for the quality to be retained optimally.

The gel is easy to use and the process can be completed in five simple steps.

About Abbkine Scientific

Abbkine Scientific Company Limited is a life science research company headquartered in California. Founded in 2012, the establishment has been able to spread its tentacles across the globe with increasing presence and acceptance from Asia Pacific thanks to its continuous efforts to make the world a better place.

Abbkine combines cutting edge technology with manufacturing engineering and cost advantage to provide innovative, high-quality assay kits and other research and scientific products enhance life science fundamental research and drug discovery amongst others.