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Abbkine Scientific announces the launch of its new anitbody - Anti-MBP Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (9Y5)

Date:2017-05-18 Views:1653

Abbkine Scientific announces the launch of its new anitbody - Anti-MBP Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (9Y5)Wuhan, China. 430074, 18th May 2017. Anti-MBP Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (9Y5) is the new addition to the illustrious list of antibodies made by popular scientific research outfit, Abbkine Scientific. The company recently announced the launch of the product, made to enhance scientific research and experiments.

MBP is a member of the maltose E.coli family that is responsible for the uptake and efficient catabolism of maltodextrins. The features and benefits of the substance have made it endearing to scientific researchers.

Otherwise known as Maltose Binding Protein antibody, the antibody is designed to help promote proper folding of the fusion protein, in addition to being used for preventing an insoluble form. Mouse, with recombinant protein as the immunogen, hosts the antibody. This is in addition to being a useful affinity tag for increasing the expression level, and solubility of the MBP-tagged protein.

MBP Tag antibody as it is also called is purified using the latest technology. It is affinity-purified from mouse ascites by affinity chromatography using specific immunogen. The antibody comes in a liquid solution, allowing for easy application by the investigator.

The manufacturers of the product have clearly stated that it is made for research purpose only, prohibiting any clinical or human diagnosis.

About Abbkine Scientific Co. Ltd.

Abbkine Scientific Co. Ltd is a scientific research institute headquartered in China. Founded by a team of scientists and marketing experts, the serves the field of sciences by perfectly combining cutting edge technology from the United States with China's manufacturing engineering and cost advantages, to provide state-of-the-art recombinant proteins, antibodies, and other scientific research tools.

The company has subsequently established itself as a scientific research heavyweight with the provision of generic and customized solutions to clients across the globe.