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Abbkine Scientific announces the launch of EliKine™ Human IL-10 ELISA Kit

Date:2017-10-26 Views:2516

Abbkine Scientific announces the launch of EliKine™ Human IL-10 ELISA KitThe EliKine™ Human IL-10 ELISA Kit otherwise referred to as IL 10 Elisa kit is the newest product from Abbkine Scientific. The company has announced the launch of the product as part of its plan to revolutionize the field of life science and scientific research. This is so as the product designed to enhance and make scientific research processes more effective.

The IL10 Elisa kit, with the protein encoded by IL-10 gene is a cytokine produced primarily by monocytes as well as lymphocytes to a lesser extent. Employing the colorimetric method of detection, the kit employs a two-site sandwich ELISA to quantitate IL-10 in samples as an antibody specific for IL-10 has been pre-coated onto a microplate.

The kit has human reactivity and Sandwich ELISA (quantitative) assay type, with the assay duration being multiple steps standard sandwich ELISA assay with a working time of between 3 and 5 hours. However, the duration is dependent on the experience of the operation person.

Other features and benefits of the CSIF Elisa kit include high sensitivity and excellent specificity for detection of Human IL-10 and no significant cross-reactivity or interference between Human IL-10 and analogues. The detection range of the kit is 4.7 pg/ml-300 pg/ml. The minimum detectable dose (MDD) of IL-10 is typically less than 3 pg/ml.

The components of the kit include Human IL-10 microplate, Human IL-10 standard, Human IL-10 detect antibody, EliKine™ Streptavidin-HRP, plate covers, wash buffer and stop solution. Other components are Standard diluent, Assay buffer and HRP substrate.

About Abbkine Scientific Co. Ltd

Abbkine Scientific Co. Ltd was founded in 2012 with the coming together of a team of scientists and marketing experts in the field of life science in California, USA. Headquartered in China, Abbkine has effectively combined cutting edge technology from United States with China's manufacturing engineering and cost advantages to provide innovative, high quality assay kits, recombinant proteins, antibodies and other research tools to accelerate life science fundamental research and drug discovery.