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The Statement of Strengthening Epidemic Prevention for COVID-19

Date:2020-02-28 Views:1267

Dear Colleagues,

The situation for COVID-19’s outbreak in Wuhan is getting improved in the strong supports of our government and caring people all over the world now. We are very lucky that we all are safe at present, while it’s still very important for us to do well protections. We determine to do below provisional measures during the resumption of production until the end of the outbreak in order to ensure the safe of all colleagues and our clients strictly.

  1. The establishment of epidemic prevention group, their works contain procurement of protection materials, temperature detection, virus kill, daily patrol and consults ect;
  2. Purchasing a batch of substance such as medicine alcohol, chlorine disinfectant, medical surgical masks, protective clothing, temperature guns for epidemic prevention;
  3. The offices, production laboratories, warehouses must be disinfected fully after daily work, and all windows must be opened;
  4. The temperature detection is needed before and after daily work for everyone, any person has the temperature over 37.3℃ must be sent to the hospital immediately. Early detection, early isolation, early treatment;
  5. All colleagues must wear mask and the colleagues in production department also must wear protective clothing, gloves, wash and change them frequently;
  6. The new purchased materials must be kept in isolated room first, and transferred into warehouses or production rooms after being thoroughly sprayed and disinfected with 75% medicine alcohol;
  7. The high temperature resistant consumables, such as bottle, pipe, experimental spear, must be sterilized via high heat and pressure, and those consumables don’t resistant to high temperature, such as box, bag, must be thoroughly sprayed and disinfected with 75% medicine alcohol to ensure the safe of products during the production;
  8. During the process of packing box, the inner and outer surface of the box must be sprayed and disinfected with 75% medicine alcohol to ensure the packaging safety;
  9. Cargos should be transported via reliable express company such as S.F. Express, FedEx, DHL to ensure the transportation safety;

Abbkine Scientific Co.,Ltd.

20th, February 2020