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EliKine™ Human IL-23 ELISA Kit joins Abbkine family

Date:2018-03-09 Views:1928

With the rapid development of scientific research, Abbkine Scientific adds a new member to EliKine™ ELISA Kits family. The new release of EliKine™ Human IL-23 ELISA Kit will largely strengthen the core-competitiveness of Abbkine ELISA Kit group. Abbkine Scientific is aimed at making high quality life science research tools affordable, so the IL23 Human ELISA Kit is extremely competitive in price, which will give customer an easy entrance.

The high sensitivity and excellent specificity to detect Human IL-23 will be a big advantage of this product, they are the main concern for scientist to choose research tools.

This is Human IL-23 Standard Curve detected by featured EliKine™ Human IL-23 ELISA Kit

Representative Standard Curve for Human IL-23

IL-23 is also known as IL 23, IL 23 A, IL 23 subunit alpha, IL 23A, IL 23p19, IL23A, IL23P19, Interleukin 23 subunit alpha and other names, is a heterodimeric cytokine composed of an IL12B (IL-12p40) subunit. IL23 is composed of this protein and the p40 subunit of interleukin 12 (IL12B). The receptor of IL23 is formed by the beta 1 subunit of IL12 (IL12RB1) and an IL23 specific subunit, IL23R. Both IL23 and IL12 can activate the transcription activator STAT4 and stimulate the production of interferon-gamma (IFNG). In contrast to IL12, which acts mainly on naive CD4(+) T cells, IL23 preferentially acts on memory CD4(+) T cells. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]

EliKine™ IL23 Human ELISA Kit employs a two-site sandwich ELISA to quantitate IL-23 in samples. There are no cross-reactivity or interference between Human IL-23 and analogues. The featured kit is composed of Human IL-23 microplate, Human IL-23 standard, Human IL-23 detect antibody, EliKine™ Streptavidin-HRP, Standard diluent, Assay buffer, HRP substrate, Stop solution, Wash buffer, Plate covers. You can use it with the most optimized procedures.

The EliKine™ ELISA Kits are becoming more and more popular, Abbkine Scientific will also keep on developing more cost-effective products for all end-users around the world.

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