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Welcome the new arrival of EliKine™ Rat IL-17 ELISA Kit

Date:2018-03-22 Views:1795

Abbkine has launched various new products recently. With an unique aim to serve life science better, our lab scientists do their utmost to develop new products. EliKine series ELISA Kits have become the most eye-catching one at present. This new group of Kits is especially high in sensitivity, which makes our Kits different from other same level supplier. If you are interested in knowing more about EliKine ELISA Kits, you can download our EliKine ELISA Kits brochures.

We all know that Interleukin 17A, also referred to IL-17 or IL-17A, is a pro-inflammatory cytokine. This cytokine is produced by a group of T helper cell known as T helper 17 cell in response to their stimulation with IL-23. IL17 protein exhibits a high homology with a viral IL-17-like protein encoded in the genome of T-lymphotropic rhadinovirus Herpesvirus saimiri. The IL-17 family comprises IL17A, IL-17B, IL-17C, IL-17D, IL-17E and IL-17F. IL-17E is also known as IL-25. All members of the IL-17 family have a similar protein structure.

Our EliKine™ Rat IL-17 ELISA Kit adopts a two-site sandwich ELISA to quantitate IL-17 in Rat samples. There are no interference between Rat IL-17 and analogues. This kit has an easy-to-use feature and absolutely is excellent in specificity. EliKine™ IL-17 Rat ELISA Kit not only provides Rat IL-17 microplate, Rat IL-17 standard, Rat IL-17 detect antibody, EliKine™ Streptavidin-HRP, but also provides Standard diluent, Assay buffer, HRP substrate, Stop solution, Wash buffer and Plate covers. We also support this kit with a highly-competitive price compared with other brand 96 wells ELISA Kits.

This is Rat IL-17 Standard Curve detected by featured EliKine™ Rat IL-17 ELISA Kit

                        Rat IL-17 Standard Curve

Now EliKine™ series ELISA Kits are selling well globally, we also welcome more attention from global scientists. We have strict QC system, which guarantees that every product in your hand is definitely the one with superior quality. Believe me, Abbkine won’t let you be regretful!

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