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Abbkine Scientific newly announces the release of LinKine™ Biotin Labeling Kit

Date:2018-02-28 Views:1941

Abbkine Scientific develops a new product called LinKine™ Biotin Labeling Kit under Sampling kits family. The launch of this product signifies that Abbkine makes a great hit in life science research field. Abbkine will keep on providing high quality scientific research tools for global scientific workers. The LinKine™ Biotin Conjugation Kit is just a part of our future plan and it definitely will be your best choice in the experiment.

As is known to all that biotin is necessary for cell growth, the production of fatty acids, and the metabolism of fats and amino acids. Since biotin assists in various metabolic reactions involving the transfer of carbon dioxide. It may also be helpful in maintaining a steady blood sugar level. Biotin is often recommended as a dietary supplement for strengthening hair and nails, though scientific data supporting this outcome are weak. Nevertheless, biotin is found in many cosmetics and health products for the hair and skin. If you aren’t getting enough biotin, you may experience hair loss or a scaly red rash.

The LinKine™ Biotin Labeling Kit will be extremely helpful for scientist to conjugate biotin from proteins, peptides, and other ligands which contain an active amino group, which will move forward the pace of scientific research. This product is famous for its convenience and efficiency. We provide Activated Biotin solution, Biotin labeling solution and Purification column in a whole kit, which will offer you an easy and quick access to conjugate your primary antibodies with Biotin. But you also need to pay attention to that the kit should be stored at 4˚C and just for 6 months.

Abbkine Scientific is aimed at providing one stop-solution for our customer, so I strongly believe that the LinKine™ Biotin Conjugation Kit absolutely can be a hot-selling product in the current market situation.

This is LinKine™ Biotin Labeling Kit from Abbkine

                          Abbkine's Biotin Labeling Kit

About Abbkine Scientific Co., Ltd.

Abbkine Scientific Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. Our mission is to help make research possible by supplying scientists worldwide with the basic research tools necessary for advancing human and animal health. We're devoting to provide innovative, high quality assay kits, recombinant proteins, antibodies and other research tools to accelerate life science fundamental research, and drug discovery. Abbkine is delighted to offer reproducible and sensitive EliKine ELISA kits for quantification of cytokines, hormones and other proteins with sandwich or competitive ELISA methods, individually.