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Anti-Myc Tag antibodies

Continued from Anti-V5 Tag antibodies, today I will overview Anti-Myc Tag antibodies.

A Myc tag is a polypeptide protein tag derived from the c-Myc gene product that can be added to a protein using recombinant DNA technology. The recombinant Myc fusion protein can be recognized by a well-known high-affinity 2D5 antibody, which can specifically recognizes native and denatured forms of Myc fusion proteins, with which can meet your any requirements for Western Blot, Immunofluorescence and Immunoprecipitation assays. Under native conditions, the elution of Myc-tag proteins can be achieved by the addition of the Myc tag peptide which competes with the recombinant proteins.

Abbkine offers below anti-Myc tag antibodies for your experiments.

Cat. NoApplicationsClonalityConjugateDetails
A02060WB, IF, IPMonoclonalUnconjugatedClick here
A02061WBPolyclonalUnconjugatedClick here
A02060A350IFMonoclonalAbFluor 350Click here
A02060A405IFMonoclonalAbFluor 405Click here
A02060A488IFMonoclonalAbFluor 488Click here
A02060A555IFMonoclonalAbFluor 555Click here
A02060A594IFMonoclonalAbFluor 594Click here
A02060A647IFMonoclonalAbFluor 647Click here
A02060A680IFMonoclonalAbFluor 680Click here
A02060CY3IFMonoclonalCy3Click here
A02060CY5IFMonoclonalCy5Click here
A02060FITIFMonoclonalFITCClick here
A02060AGBIPMonoclonalAgaroseClick here
A02060MGBIPMonoclonalMagnetic BeadsClick here
A02061HRPWBPolyclonalHRPClick here
A02065WBMonoclonalHRPClick here

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Anti-VSV-G Tag antibodies will be continued next time.