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CheKine™ Micro Mitochondrial complex Ⅴ Activity Assay Kit

CheKine™ Micro Mitochondrial complex Ⅴ Activity Assay Kit

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Product name CheKine™ Micro Mitochondrial complex Ⅴ Activity Assay Kit
Applications notes Abbkine CheKine™ Micro Mitochondrial complex Ⅴ Activity Detection Kitis specially developed for the detection of complex I activity. The operation is simple and convenient, and the detection is more sensitive and accurate. complex Ⅴ hydrolyzes ATP to produce ADP and Pi. The activity of complex Ⅴ is determined by measuring Pi increase rate.

Product Properties

Kit components • ReagentⅠ
• Reagent Ⅱ
• Reagent Ⅲ
• Reagent Ⅳ
• Reagent Ⅴ
• Reagent Ⅵ
• Reagent Ⅶ
• Reagent Ⅷ
• Reagent Ⅸ
• Standard
Features & Benefits • Detect the enzyme activity of complex V in plant tissues, animal tissues, cells and other samples.
• Provides detailed sample preparation and results calculation methods.
Usage notes • Do not mix the components between different batch numbers and manufacturers; otherwise, the results may be abnormal.
• Avoid bubbles while mixing or redissolving components.
• Change pipette tips frequently to avoid cross contamination between components.
• Ensure that all components and equipment are at the proper temperature before starting the experiment.
• In order to guarantee the accuracy of experimental results, need to do a pre-experiment with 1-2 samples.The samples should be diluted with ReagentⅡand then measured again. If the absorbance values is too high (>1.5). Pay attention to multiply by the dilution factor when calculating the result.
• Reagent Ⅲ has certain toxicity, and Reagent Ⅸ is corrosive. Please take protective measures when operating..
Storage instructions The kit is valid for 6 months. Please refer to the table below Materials supplied and Storage conditions to store all the components.
Shipping Gel pack with blue ice.
Precautions The product listed herein is for research use only and is not intended for use in human or clinical diagnosis. Suggested applications of our products are not recommendations to use our products in violation of any patent or as a license. We cannot be responsible for patent infringements or other violations that may occur with the use of this product.

Additional Information

Background Mitochondrial respiratory chain complex V, also known as F1F0-ATP synthase, is widely present in the mitochondria of animals, plants, microorganisms and cultured cells. Complex V consists of two subunits, F1 and F0. It could use the electrochemical gradient of protons produced by the respiratory chain to catalyze the synthesis of ATP, and also can hydrolyze ATP in a reversible process. In addition, complex V also exists in chloroplasts, heterotrophic bacteria and photosynthetic bacteria. Complex V is the key enzyme for mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation and chloroplast photosynthetic phosphorylation to synthesize ATP.

Image & description

Fig.CheKine™ Micro Mitochondrial complex Ⅴ Activity Assay Kit

Fig.CheKine™ Micro Mitochondrial complex Ⅴ Activity Assay Kit

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