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Super-Rapid Protein Quantification Kit (BCA Assay)

Super-Rapid Protein Quantification Kit (BCA Assay)

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Product name Super-Rapid Protein Quantification Kit (BCA Assay)
Applications notes The kit is suitable for the detection of protein concentrations in the range of 1-2,000 µg/mL, and the sample volume to be tested is 1-20 µL.
Detection method Colorimetric

Product Properties

Kit components • Reagent A
• Reagent B
• BSA Standard
Features & Benefits (1) Fast and time-saving: 5 min room temperature color development reaction;
(2) Wide measurement range: wide linear working range, 1-2000 μg/mL protein concentration;
(3) High sensitivity: detection of protein concentration as low as 1 μg/mL;

(4) Accurate absorbance: the colorimetric method is used to have the best absorbance at 480 nm;
(5) Sample volume to be measured: 1-20 μL.
Calibration range 1-2,000 µg/mL
Limit of detection 1 µg/mL
Usage notes
1. The protein concentration determined by method is not affected by chemical substances in most samples, and can be compatible with up to 5% SDS, 5% Triton X-100, 5% Tween20, 60, 80 in the sample. However, the method is affected by chelating agents and slightly higher concentrations of reducing agents. It is necessary to ensure that EDTA is less than 10 mM, no dithiothreitol (DTT) and β-mercaptoethanol.
2. It is recommended to make a standard curve for each measurement. Because the color of the method will continue to deepen with the extension of time, and the color reaction will be accelerated due to the increase of temperature.
3. If the sample diluent or lysate itself has a high background, please try the Protein Quantification Kit (Bradford Assay) (Cat #:KTD3002).
Storage instructions Store according to the recommended storage conditions of each component, stable for 12 months.
Shipping Gel pack with blue ice.
Precautions The product listed herein is for research use only and is not intended for use in human or clinical diagnosis.

Additional Information

Background The BCA method protein quantification kit is one of the commonly used detection methods for protein concentration. Super-Rapid Protein Quantification Kit (BCA Assay) is similar to the traditional BCA protein quantitation method, but employs a completely new and specific chelator different from BCA, resulting in a rapid, stable, and sensitive determination of protein concentration. The principle of the method is that the protein reduces copper ion (Cu2+) to cuprous ion (Cu+ ) in basic conditions, and the generated Cu+ forms an orange yellow water-soluble complex with chelates and has a strong absorption peak at 480 nm, the absorbance value is proportional to the content of protein in the sample, and the protein concentration can be determined according to the absorbance value. The chelators in this kit can sensitively and specifically bind to Cu+ and complete the color reaction with only 5 min incubation at room temperature.

Image & description

Fig. Super-Rapid Protein Quantification Kit (BCA Assay) standard curve.

Fig. Super-Rapid Protein Quantification Kit (BCA Assay) standard curve.

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