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CheKine™ Micro Lactate Assay Kit

CheKine™ Micro Lactate Assay Kit

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Product name CheKine™ Micro Lactate Assay Kit
Applications notes CheKine™ Micro Lactate Assay Kit provides a convenient means for detecting L (+) -Lactate in biological samples such as in serum or plasma, cells, culture and fermentation media. In this kit lactate is oxidized by lactate dehydrogenase to generate a product which interacts with a tetrazolium salt WST-8 dye to form a colorimetric (450 nm) product, proportional to the lactate present.

Product Properties

Kit components • Lactate Assay Buffer
• Lactate Dehydrogenase
• Lactate Dehydrogenase Cofactor
• WST-8
• Enhancer
• L (+) -Lactate Standard (100 mM)
Features & Benefits • Determination of L (+) -Lactate in serum, plasma, cell/tissue samples, plant tissues,urine and other biological fluids.
• Detect biological samples at a level of 0.03 mM-2 mM.
• Pre-treatment or purification of samples are not required.
• Using WST-8 as substrate, more sensitive than MTT.
Usage notes • If not assayed immediately, samples can be stored at -80°C for one month.
• It is recommended to perform several dilutions of your sample to ensure the readings are within the standard value range.
• Fresh samples are necessary for good results. If don't perform the assay at the same time, it's better to complete the Sample Preparation step before storing the samples.
Storage instructions Storage at -20°C and Keep from light immediately upon receipt. Kit has a storage time of 6 months from receipt. Refer to list of materials supplied for storage conditions of individual components.
Shipping Gel pack with blue ice.
Precautions The product listed herein is for research use only and is not intended for use in human or clinical diagnosis. Suggested applications of our products are not recommendations to use our products in violation of any patent or as a license. We cannot be responsible for patent infringements or other violations that may occur with the use of this product.

Additional Information

Background Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) is an oxidoreductase (EC presents in a wide variety of organisms. It catalyses the inter-conversion of pyruvate and lactate with concomitant inter-conversion of NADH and NAD+. It converts pyruvate, the final product of glycolysis, to lactate in hypoxic conditions. LDH quantification is of clinical interest as serum levels of certain LDH isozymes reflect pathological conditions in particular tissues. When disease or injury or toxic material damages tissues, the cells LDH is released into the bloodstream. Since LDH is a fairly stable enzyme, LDH has been widely used to evaluate the presence of damage and toxicity of tissue and cells.

Image & description

Fig. Standard Curve of Lactate assay. The y-axis is OD450 and the x-axis is Lactate concentration (mM).

Fig. Standard Curve of Lactate assay. The y-axis is OD450 and the x-axis is Lactate concentration (mM).

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