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CheKine™ Micro Hexokinase (HK) Activity Assay Kit

CheKine™ Micro Hexokinase (HK) Activity Assay Kit

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Product name CheKine™ Micro Hexokinase (HK) Activity Assay Kit
Applications notes CheKine™ Micro Hexokinase (HK) Activity Assay Kit provides a simple, convenient, rapid and colorimetric HK detection method.HK catalyzes glucose synthesis of 6-phosphoglucose, and 6-phosphoglucose dehydrogenase further catalyzes 6-phosphoglucose dehydrogenation to NADH, which reduces WST-8 to orange formazan, with the maximum absorption peak detected at around 450 nm. The enzyme activity was calculated by detecting the increase rate of light absorption at 450 nm

Product Properties

Kit components •Extraction Buffer
• Assay Buffer
• Substrate Mix
• Enzyme Mix
• WST-8
• Enhancer
• NADH Standard
Features & Benefits • Detect hexokinase (HK) activity in bacterial supernatant of serum (plasma) animal and plant tissues/cells
• Detailed sample preparation and results calculation methods are provided
Calibration range 31.25-2000μM
Usage notes • Do not mix or substitute reagents or materials from other kit lots or vendors.
• It is advisable to measure serum potassium as soon as possible after blood collection.
• Ensure all reagents and equipment are at the appropriate temperature before starting the assay.
Storage instructions Storage at -20°C and protected from light upon receipt. Kit has a storage time of 12 months form receipt.
Shipping Gel pack with blue ice.
Precautions The product listed herein is for research use only and is not intended for use in human or clinical diagnosis. Suggested applications of our products are not recommendations to use our products in violation of any patent or as a license. We cannot be responsible for patent infringements or other violations that may occur with the use of this product.

Additional Information

Background Hexokinase (HK) is widely found in animals, plants, microorganisms and cultured cells. It is the first key enzyme in the process of glucose decomposition, catalyzing the conversion of glucose to glucose 6-phosphoglucose, which is the intersection of glycolysis and pentose phosphate pathways

Image & description

Fig.CheKine™ Micro Hexokinase(HK) Assay Kit

Fig.CheKine™ Micro Hexokinase(HK) Assay Kit

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