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Secondary Antibodies for Multi-Fluorence Staining

Abbkine IFKine™ are series of specially optimized secondary antibodies with improved brightness, photostability and less nonspecific hybridization and background. Donkey host and other species of serum/IgG absorbed make it ideal choice for fluorescence staining, especially in fluorescence multiple labeling. IFKineTM fluorescence secondary antibodies have high specificity, avoiding the nonspecific hybridization with samples through other species of serum/IgG absorbed. Combined with donkey host, they have good preformance in fluprescence multiple labelling.

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Features and Advantages

  • Easy to use. Component optimized liquid solution package, easy and convenient.
  • Various options. Trail package size available with larger size as well.
  • Suitable for fluorscence multiple labelling. Donkey host, compatible with most primary antibodies, easy to block
  • Minimum nonspecific reaction. Featured serum absorbtion of other species
  • High quality guarantee. High brightness photostability and pH tolerance.
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