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Sampling Kit

Abbkine provides ExKine™ protein extraction kits which are capable of extracting high-purity protein without pollution. ExKine™ protein extraction kits can also extract two parts of the protein separately, so it is convenient and efficient.

A good protein is half done in WB experiment. Usually we need to lysate cell and tissue to extract the target protein. Once lysis begins, hydrolysis, dephosphorylation and denaturation start. If we add proper protease/phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail during the process, these reactions can be slow down and the chances to extract a good protein have increased.

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Features and Advantages

  • High-purity and no-pollution—the extracted protein has high purity and maintains natural activity, reducing cross-contamination;
  • Strong timeliness—non-denatured active protein can be purified within two hours;
  • Compatible applications—the extracted protein can be directly used in a variety of subsequent proteomics applications;
  • Don't worry about it later— have special protease inhibitor set, prevent degradation, prevent useless;
  • The price is suitable and the quality is high—the price is affordable and the cost performance is super high among the same type of products.
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