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Purification Resin

Abbkine featured PurKine™ isolation and purification portfolio with complete anti-tag antibodies and synthetic peptides to meet and satisfy your most types of protein purification, sample preparation and detection analysis.

PurKine™ Purification resin/prepacked spin column/kit formats (Large capacity, high purification efficiency)

PurKine™ provide His, GST, MBP, Biotin, ProteinA, G, A/G, L and other protein and antibody purification packings, pre-packed columns and kits, which are simple and efficient.

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Features and Advantages

  • Ni-IDA: 3 coordinations, forms a relatively stable planar structure, and has the characteristics of high load and high cost performance (soluble protein).
  • High performance-excellent bonding ability.
  • Cost saving-the same resin can be reused for more than five times, and the performance will not decrease.
  • Flexible use—provide multiple forms of products, resin fillers, pre-packed columns and complete kit products.
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