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With many years of antibody development experience, and rigorous quality control testing, Abbkine could provide High specific and sensitive special assay kits , which including EliKine™ ELISA kits, LinKine™ antibody and protein labeling kits,

ExKine™ isolation and sample preparation kits, CheKine™ biochemical assay kits, PurKine™ protein purification kits, and a series of cellular assay kits which includes cell apoptosis kits and cell proliferation/toxicity kits, cell staining/tracer kits, and so on , Which could meet your diverse research needs.

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  • Apoptosis Detection Kit

    According to the early apoptosis detection index: Annexin V、JC-1, mid-term apoptosis detection index: Caspase and late apoptosis detection index: TUNEL, Abbkine can provide you with the Annexin V-AbFluor™ apoptosis detection kit, TUNEL apoptosis detection kit (green/ red fluorescence), Caspase series of activity analysis kit (colorimetric method) to help your scientific research !

  • Biochemical Assay Kit

  • Cell Proliferation & Toxicit Detection Kits

    Abbkine provides diversified detection methods including : Cell Counting Kit-8 (CCK-8), Cell Proliferation EdU Image Kit (Green Fluorescence), Cell Proliferation EdU Image Kit (Orange Fluorescence), Enhanced Cell Counting Kit-8 (CCK-8), LDH Cytotoxicity Assay Kit, etc.

  • Cell Senescence Detection kit

  • Cell Staining/Tracing Kit

    Abbkine provides the following kit for your choice, including: Live and Dead Cell Double Staining Kit, Live Cell Tracking Kit (Green Fluorescence), Cell Plasma Membrane Staining Kit, Mitochondrion Staining Kit, Cell Staining Kit F-actin Staining, TraKine™Pro live cell staining kit, Tracer Reagent, etc.

  • ELISA Assay Kit

    Abbkine newly launched EliKine™ series of ELISA kits exert high sensibility and specificity, with a comprehensive selection of ELISA kits available for the quantification of cytokines, hormones and other proteins, to meet your multiple experiment demands.

  • Labeling Kits

    Abbkine LinKine™ Labeling Kits provide a quick and convenient method to label your proteins/antibodies and peptides with our superior AbFluor™ dyes, FITC, TRITC, Cy3, Cy5, Cy7 or HRP/ AP/ Biotin / Biotin-XX / BSA / KLH and so on .

  • Purification Kit

    Abbkine offers unique protein purification tools --PurKine™ Protein purification kits, which is an unique product line, along with complete protein fusion tags and anti-tags antibody products, will meet your needs to purify most of different kinds of protein, prepare samples, and to do download test.

  • Sampling Kit