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ELISA Assay Kit

Abbkine newly launched EliKine™ series of ELISA kits exert high sensibility and specificity, with a comprehensive selection of ELISA kits available for the quantification of cytokines, hormones and other proteins, to meet your multiple experiment demands.

Focusing on immunology and cytology research fields, Abbkine scientifc professionals have been involvedin researching, developing and manufacturing highperformance immunoassays and cell research reagents all around the world. We are the trusted and dependable supplier to many international leading research institutes and clinical diagnostic companies.

With original manufacturing of more than 90% of our products, we are continuing the tradition of developing innovative and featured EliKine™ ELISA kits to meet all of our clients’ research needs. Abbkine is constantly developing new ELISA kits that involve cytokines, hematologi-cal factors, hormones, peptides and immunoglobulins to measure a wide range of cytokines across many species.

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Features and Advantages

  • Specificity: Based on highly specific monoclonal or polyclonal antibody pairs selected for optimal performance.
  • Quality: High quality and stability of standards and other ELISA reagents to ensure high analysis quality.
  • Expertise: Our technical support scientists are ready to help you with every aspect of your research, from troubleshooting to results analysis.
  • Performance: With high sensitivity and accuracy, good repeatability, Abbkine EIiKine ELISA kits offer competitive prices for reseachers.
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