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Cell Staining/Tracing Kit

Cell staining and tracer reagents are important tools for tracking cells in complicated environments and are widely used in cell migration, wound healing and stem cell differentiation research. Cell motion and localization studies require specialized probe dyes which must be non-toxic to living cells, and have a variety of fluorescent colors to choose in order to match different laser wavelengths and filters of different instruments, and also can be co-stained with antibody labeling or other cell analysis marker probes.

Abbkine provides the following kit for your choice, including: Live and Dead Cell Double Staining Kit, Live Cell Tracking Kit (Green Fluorescence), Cell Plasma Membrane Staining Kit, Mitochondrion Staining Kit, Cell Staining Kit F-actin Staining, TraKine™Pro live cell staining kit, Tracer Reagent, etc.

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Features and Advantages

  • 1)TraKine™ cell staining kit is a set of traditional fluorescence imaging tools using to dye whole cells and organelles (including cell membrane, mitochondria, etc.). it is suitable for dying living cells, fixed cells, suspended cells or attached cells. it can be used in fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry and other fluorescence platforms.
  • Abbkine TraKine™ Pro is a series of long-term super-resolution cell staining portfolio for labeling subcellular structures of live and fixed cells. Unique TraKine™ Pro dyes, combined with super-resolution microscopes (such as SIM, STED, TIRF, STORM and PALM), are perfectly for observing cell dynamics and three-dimensional structure of living cells.

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