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Blocking Serum

Abbkine provides different serums from a variety of sources to meet your different experimental needs. Note: The blocking serum cannot contain the target protein and is different from the source of the primary antibody. The blocking serum from the same source as the secondary antibody can be used.

The role of serum is mainly in two aspects:

1. There are some non-specific sites on the tissue that can adsorb proteins, so they are blocked with serum in advance to avoid non-specific adsorption of antibodies when antibodies are added for detection.

2. The blocked serum is usually from the same source as the secondary antibody. The animal’s own antibodies in the serum can bind to the cross-reactive sites in the tissue in advance, otherwise if it binds to the secondary antibody in the subsequent steps, it will cause background.

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Features and Advantages

  • Provide different sera from a variety of sources. A variety of blocked serums.
  • Liquid form product (original solution), no need to dissolve, directly diluted with PBS can be used.
  • Low preservative content, with less toxicity/impact on cells and proteins.
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