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抗体是一种可以与抗原特异性结合的免疫球蛋白。抗体是免疫学实验的实用工具,例如蛋白质印迹 (WB)、免疫组织化学 (IHC)、免疫荧光 (IF) 和流式细胞术 (FCM)。

Abbkine 提供流行和畅销的一抗,涵盖流行和关键研究领域,包括信号通路、神经科学、细胞骨架、表观遗传学等;所有类型的抗体展示应用均经过 Abbkine 科学家的验证,真实可靠。抗体可以检测内源性蛋白质。交货时间:交货 3-4 天。适用研究领域包括:心血管研究、表观遗传学、神经科学、代谢组学、癌症、细胞生物学等。

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  • Loading Control Antibody

    Used to evaluate the efficiency of Western blotting and compare the amount of protein loaded per well in the gel. Abbkine offers a comprehensive portfolio of loading control monoclonal, including popular indicators (such as β-Actin, GAPDH, etc.) and specific species (such as plants, zebrafish, yeast, etc.).

  • Primary Antibody

    Abbkine provides popular and best-selling primary antibodies, covering popular and important research fields, including signaling pathways, neuroscience, cytoskeleton, epigenetics, etc. All types of antibody display applications have been verified by Abbkine scientists and are authentic and reliable. Antibodies can detect endogenous proteins. Lead time: 3-4 days for delivery. Applicable research fields include: cardiovascular research, epigenetics, neuroscience, metabolomics, cancer, cell biology, etc.

  • IPKine ™ secondary antibody

    Featured IPKine™ secondary antibody for Western Blot after Immunoprecipitation 25 kD or 50 kD protein detection on Western blots after Immunoprecipitation is often suffered from heavy or light chain blotting contamination. Abbkine’s IPKine™ products could solve these problems and bring you satisfying results with good performance.

  • Secondary Antibodies for Multi-Fluorence Staining

    Abbkine IFKine™ are series of specially optimized secondary antibodies with improved brightness, photostability and less nonspecific hybridization and background. Donkey host and other species of serum/IgG absorbed make it ideal choice for fluorescence staining, especially in fluorescence multiple labeling. IFKineTM fluorescence secondary antibodies have high specificity, avoiding the nonspecific hybridization with samples through other species of serum/IgG absorbed. Combined with donkey host, they have good preformance in fluprescence multiple labelling.

  • Secondary Antibody

    The secondary antibody refers to the antibody used for targeted binding to the primary antibody. In a variety of immunoblotting, ELISA, and IF experiments, the secondary antibody and the primary antibody are used in combination to detect the target protein and enhance the detection signal. The secondary antibody often has a label, and the label of the secondary antibody used for WB detection is usually horseradish peroxidase (HRP).

  • Selected Primary Antibodies

    Abbkine strongly launched selected primary antibody with high quality control, which will be your first reliable choice. The purification process of Selected Primary Antibody is affinity purification of antibody from mouse ascites or rabbit antiserum by affinity chromatography using epitope-specific immunogen. It is suitable for WB experiment, IHC experiment, IF experiment, IP experiment and ELISA experiment. See specific products for details.

  • Tag Antibody

    Abbkine epitope tag antibodies include highly specific monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies of the most common tags used by researchers, such as His tag, GST tag, S tag, HA tag, DDDDK tag, Myc tag, MBP Tag and mCherry tag, etc. Abbke also offers a wide selection of conjugated epitope tag antibodies, including Biotin, HRP, AbFluor™ dyes, agarose and magnetic beads conjugates.

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