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CheKine™ Xanthine Oxidase Assay Kit

CheKine™ Xanthine Oxidase Assay Kit

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Product name CheKine™ Xanthine Oxidase Assay Kit
Applications notes CheKine™ Xanthine Oxidase Assay Kit provides a simple and easy colorimetric assay for the quantitative determination of the XO present in a variety of samples. In the assay, XO oxidizes xanthine to superoxide (O2-). Superoxide (O2-) reacts with a tetrazolium salt WST-8 dye to form a water-soluble colored formazan product, which can be easily quantified colorimetrically at OD 450 nm. Therefore, the Xanthine Oxidase present in the sample is proportional to the signal obtained.

Product Properties

Kit components • Assay Buffer
• Sample Diluent
• WST-8
• Enhancer
• Xanthine Oxidase Standard(10 U/mL)
• Xanthine
Features & Benefits • Determination of xanthine oxidase activity in serum, plasma, tissue/cell lysates and other biological fluids.
• A broad range linearity: 15.6 -500 mU/mL.
Usage notes • Briefly centrifuge small vials at low speed prior to opening.
• If not assayed immediately, samples can be stored at -80°C.
Storage instructions Storage at -20°C and Keep from light immediately upon receipt. Kit has a storage time of 6 months from receipt. Refer to list of materials supplied for storage conditions of individual components.
Shipping Gel pack with blue ice.
Precautions The product listed herein is for research use only and is not intended for use in human or clinical diagnosis. Suggested applications of our products are not recommendations to use our products in violation of any patent or as a license. We cannot be responsible for patent infringements or other violations that may occur with the use of this product.

Additional Information

Background Xanthine oxidase (EC, or xanthine oxidoreductase is recognized as the terminal enzyme of purine catabolism in humans, catalyzing the hydroxylation of hypoxanthine to xanthine and then to uric acid. When acting as an NADH oxidase, XO is a generator of superoxide (O2-), a powerful reactive oxygen species (ROS). XO has also been noted to produce hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and superoxide (O2-) during ischemia-reperfusion injury. Due to their highly reactive nature, these ROS affect various molecular components of the cell, with excess amounts leading to cell degeneration and death. XO is present in appreciable amounts in the liver and jejunum in healthy individuals. However, in various liver disorders, levels of circulating XO have been seen to increase dramatically. Therefore, determination of serum XO level serves as a sensitive indicator of acute liver damage such as jaundice.

Image & description

Fig. Standard Curve of Xanthine Oxidase activity assay. The y-axis is ΔOD and the x-axis is Xanthine Oxidase concentration (mU/mL).

Fig. Standard Curve of Xanthine Oxidase activity assay. The y-axis is ΔOD and the x-axis is Xanthine Oxidase concentration (mU/mL).

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