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DiOC6(3) is a lipophilic fluorescent dye with excitation/emission spectra of 484/501 nm, respectively.

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D-Luciferin, Sodium SaltBMD00002

D-Luciferin sodium salt is a useful substrate for the enzyme Firefly Luciferase.

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AbFluor™ 488, succinimidyl esterBMD00014

AbFluor™ dyes are a series of highly water-soluble fluorescent dyes spanning the visible and near-infrared (IR) spectrum for labeling biomolecules, especially proteins and nucleic acids which are Developed by Abbkine scientists.

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The green fluorescent, lipophilic carbocyanine DiOC18(3) is widely used as a lipophilic tracer.

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DiI (DiIC18(3))BMD00071

DiI is a widely used carbocyanine membrane dye.

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Ethidium Homodimer-1 (EthD-1)BMD00060

Ethidium Homodimer, is a high affinity fluorescent nucleic acid stain.

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DAPI is a popular blue fluorescent DNA dye.

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DiOC2(3) has been used for measuring membrane potentials in bacteria.

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DiD (DiIC18(5))BMD00073

The far-red fluorescent, lipophilic carbocyanine DiD is a longer-wavelength DiI analog.

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5(6)-TAMRA, mixed isomersBMD00029

Tetramethylrhodamine has been a widely used fluorophore for preparing bioconjugates.

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