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Abbkine is proud to offer a wide range of cost effective and high quality biochemicals, including antibiotics, nucleotides, proteins, peptides, polyamino acids, buffers, lipids, carbohydrates and antibodies used in fundamental research.

PurKine™ His-Tag Ni-NTA Packed ColumnBMC20010

PurKine™ His Tagged Protein Purification Ni-NTA Packed Column

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PurKine™ His-Tag IMAC-NTA Resin 6FFBMR20036

PurKine™ His Tagged Protein Purification IMAC-NTA Resin 6FF

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PurKine™ Protein L Packed Column 4FFBMC20804

PurKine™ Antibody Purification Protein L Packed Column 4FF

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PurKine™ His-Tag Co-NTA Resin 6FFBMR20056

PurKine™ His Tagged Protein Purification Co-NTA Resin 6FF

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PurKine™ GST-Tag Glutathione Packed ColumnBMC20100

PurKine™ GST Tagged Protein Purification Glutathione Packed Column

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PurKine™ MBP-Tag Dextrin Packed Column 6FFBMC20206

PurKine™ MBP-Tag Protein Purification Dextrin Packed Column 6FF

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PurKine™ Biotin-Tag Streptavidin Resin 6FFBMR20306

PurKine™ Biotin-Tag Protein Purification Streptavidin Resin 6FF

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5(6)-TAMRA, mixed isomersBMD00029

Tetramethylrhodamine has been a widely used fluorophore for preparing bioconjugates.

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PurKine™ Protein SulfyBind ResinBMR21000

PurKine™ Protein SulfyBind Resin

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PurKine™ Benzamidine Resin 4FFBMR21306

PurKine™ Benzamidine Resin 6FF

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