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Next Generation Sequencing

Empowered to ultimately decipher the blueprint of life, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is the answer to how we can harness the potential locked in our genetic material. A successful culmination of cutting edge R&D, NGS has come to represent a monumental technological advancement that is not only poised to redefine many aspects of scientific research, but also pave the way for the emerging field of personalized medicine.

Abbkine Next Generation Sequencing service

The Abbkine platform for Next Generation Sequencing has been created at Wuhan Institute of Biotechnology, the Illumina Certified Service Provider in Biolake Wuhan. An Illumina Hi-Seq 2500 sequencer has been purchased and is dedicated exclusively to the project. Abbkine's premium NGS services will not only save valuable time and money, but also provide the most reliable and comprehensive solution for the project's needs.

Committed to making newer technologies attainable to modern researchers, Abbkine offers a wide range of sequencing services on the advanced Illumina® sequencing platforms at accessible prices and rapid turnaround times.

Abbkine's Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) service is a one-stop full service: Understanding our client’s specific needs, producing and delivering the products according to schedule, and providing technical support post-delivery. We respect our clients’ confidential information, and guarantee that all intellectual property remains with the client. Kindly email us with your antibody production demands and quote request at