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Peptide Synthesis Service

Synthetic custom peptides are an important tool in drug discovery and proteomic research. Abbkine provides a comprehensive service portfolio to assist customers in applications requiring custom peptide libraries and peptide arrays.

Abbkine Custom peptide synthesis service

As a leading company in custom peptide synthesis, Abbkine provides high-quality peptides with a 95% peptide synthesis success rate, well above the industry standard of 75%. We are committed to total quality management to ensure our customers' complete satisfaction  with double guarantees the highest quality possible for every delivered peptide.

Through innovation, Abbkine has developed a variety of proprietary technologies that allow us to provide the highest quality custom synthetic peptides at the most competitive prices. Our custom peptide synthesis offers the following advantages.

High Quality
  Every single one of our custom peptides is analyzed by Mass Spectrum and HPLC. The quality control data will always be provided to you. We provide proof that your peptides were constructed correctly.
Competitive Pricing
  We will beat any other custom peptide provider's listed price.
  Abbkine can synthesize any peptide in amounts ranging from milligrams to kilograms (Please ask for quote on amounts >1 gram).
Fast Delivery Time
  For most peptides of 6-30 amino acids in length, our typical turnaround time is about 3 weeks. This time may be extended for certain special peptides due to chemical challenges.


Abbkine also offers you a comprehensive set of custom immunochemistry services including antibody labeling, antibody characterization, purification, immunoassay development, blood & tissue products and antivenin testing.

Abbkine lab service

Abbkine's antibody production service is a one-stop full service: Understanding our client’s specific needs, producing and delivering the products according to schedule, and providing technical support post-delivery. We respect our clients’ confidential information, and guarantee that all intellectual property remains with the client. Kindly email us with your antibody production demands and quote request at